Women’s Day Interview – Tanisha Amyn

Get to know Tanisha Amyn – The woman behind AZTA Group   With your IT background and your desire to create new things was it a natural decision to start your own digital marketing company? Yes, I would say it was a natural decision. Being born and brought up in a family where my father...
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Content is a King – Why Google loves content

The expression “content is king” is an understatement. The truth is that “excellent quality content” is king and you will come across this phrase repeatedly when it comes to SEO success. Hence, you need to see to if your web content is the kind that visitors enjoy to read.  If Google loves your content, its...
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Why the World Needs More Entrepreneurs!

Entrepreneurship? What is it really? We all would have heard this word once or more and ever wondered about this jargon that’s going around? Do you see it as a method to make profit, an attitude or an opportunity to make the world a better place? Well, an entrepreneur is a person who has got...
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